“The Many Faces of Home Birth” Book Cover Reveal and Pre-Sale!

The Many Faces Of Home Birth Book CoverI can hardly believe that “The Many Faces of Home Birth” is now available for pre-sale! Equally as exciting is the debut of the cover and a little taste of what you can expect if you decide to purchase the book. *Spoiler: 25 amazing home birth stories from several countries, several states in the US, perspectives from moms and dads, and unique circumstances that aren’t often associated with home birth (single mama, twins, over a certain age, rainbow babies, home birth after Cesarean, and so many other beautiful tales).

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If you order now, the book will ship to you as soon as it releases on September 5th, 2017.

Your support of this project means the world to me, and I can’t wait for readers to experience the very real and positive home birth stories shared in the book.

A Collection of 25 Home Birth Stories From Around the World?!? Yes Please.

Untitled design (1)You know when you have a little idea that whispers to you night and day? My little idea started over six years ago while I was embarking on my first home birth with our first born. Of course I read ALL the Gaskin books and searched the Internet until my eyes bled, but I was left wishing for home birth stories that were more like me. More modern. More inclusive. Less “woodsy”.

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Pregnancy and Acupuncture: Spin Your Breech Baby

True story: Susan burned moxibustion (moxa) on my sister-in-law’s toe, and my nephew flipped from breech to optimal, head down position almost immediately.acupuncture-and-pregnancy

Top Five Benefits of Acupuncture and Pregnancy:

  1. Conception
  2. Alleviating Discomfort
  3. Spinning that Baby
  4. Riping for Labor
  5. Postpartum Care

Susan McMigas at Flourish in Vancouver, WA has created a beautiful and healing space for women to receive care before, during, and after pregnancy. She is committed to sharing resources to ensure women have access to tools that make a real difference in their motherhood journey.

Unfortunately, I first met Susan after I had all three kiddos. After ignoring an issue with a swollen knee for three months, I finally made an appointment with Susan thanks to a suggestion from a dear friend. As I was dropping my kids off at my sister-in-law’s house on my way to acupuncture, my sister-in-law exclaimed, “Susan flipped Luke [her son], during the last week of my pregnancy!”. I’m not sure how this wasn’t discussed between us before. I told Susan of our connection the moment I met her, and we spent the better part of 20 minutes talking about the benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy.

True story: Susan burned moxibustion (moxa) on my sister-in-law’s toe, and my nephew flipped from breech to optimal, head down position almost immediately. “According to TCM theory, moxa has a tonifying and warming effect which promotes movement and activity.  The nature of heat is also rising.  This warming and raising effect is utilized to encourage the baby to become more active and lift its bottom up in order to gain adequate momentum to somersault into the head down position. This technique can also be used to re-position transverse presentation, a situation where the baby’s has its shoulder or back pointing down, or is lying sideways across the abdomen” (Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond).

Susan is clear that several appointments may be needed, but they won’t be a waste of time. Take it from me, the relaxation involved is worth the effort of getting a sitter, time off work, and spending the extra money if acupuncture isn’t covered by your insurance.