Chapter One: The Many Faces of Home Birth

First Time Moms Choose Home Birth

The Many Faces of Home Birth contains eight very different chapters that showcase the diversity of modern home birth. This is the first post in a short series on the blog to introduce you to the women and families you will get to know in the book. I also want to give you, wonderful readers, a glimpse into the book before it’s on your night stand, book shelf, or, if you’re like me, in your purse:-).

I am thrilled when I read or hear a home birth story from the perspective of a first time mama. When I was a first time, newly preggo, 25 year old woman choosing home birth, I remember how difficult it was to wrap my head around the idea of actually birthing at home. My experience with birth was limited. Seriously limited. Our baby was the first newborn I had ever held… maybe even seen. More importantly, I had never talked with anyone else about birth, not even my mother.

This lack of understanding birth lead to a great gift. I started to search out all things related to positive birth experiences. I had a gut reaction to anything less than blissful. Somehow I knew that birth was meant to be experienced, felt, and even enjoyed. It was this obsessive curiosity that lead me to home birth after seeing an OB for the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy.

In the first chapter of the book, you will be introduced to two vivacious and funny women choosing home birth as first time mamas. One of those mamas is Amanda. She writes,

“We are all different, and every birth is unique regardless of location. It’s so important to feel like you have a team of women who’ve gone before you, cheering you on!”

Those two sentences strike a cord with me each time I read them. While in labor, I remember feeling such a deep sense of peace when recalling the birth stories I had read. How great that Amanda now gets to add her home birth story to that same chorus that gave her strength when she needed it.

The second home birth story is from Natalie’s perspective, and it’s equally as inspirational. One of my favorite lines from Natalie reads,

“The tug-o-war marathon began. Any thoughts of a hospital transfer vacated my mind, and all I could do was bear witness to the process. I surrendered to my body and to my baby.”

The first chapter is full of laughs, encouragement, moments of doubt, and always the support of knowledgeable midwives. Stay tuned for a peek at chapter two: “There Has to be a Better Way: Home Birth After Hospital Birth”. You can also sign up to follow the blog and have each post delivered right to your inbox.

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