A Collection of 25 Home Birth Stories From Around the World?!? Yes Please.

Untitled design (1)You know when you have a little idea that whispers to you night and day? My little idea started over six years ago while I was embarking on my first home birth with our first born. Of course I read ALL the Gaskin books and searched the Internet until my eyes bled, but I was left wishing for home birth stories that were more like me. More modern. More inclusive. Less “woodsy”.

So I promptly had our first, second, then third baby over the next six years. All three births were home births… yet all three took place in three different homes. Your can read all about two of them here and here. I swear I’ll get that third one posted soon! With all the life that was happening around me, that little voice in my head started to scream that I needed to get on this book.

It was overwhelming at first, as I knew what I wanted it to be, and I knew the work it would involve. I had two toddlers and a newborn. How could I possibly organize an international book about home birth and still shower and keep everyone happy and healthy? Like every other person with a goal, I just did it- little by little. I did it knowing that it would be a gift to the women and men who would share their stories and a gift to those who would read the stories.

So, I started with those I know in the home birth community in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I then started a Facebook group, that you can still join, titled “The Many Faces of Home Birth”, and I started to network there. Little by little, a book began to form. Two years, five countries, 11 states in the US, and 25 amazing people later, a book has been polished and ironed and will soon be published by Skyhorse Publishing this fall.

I will share more details over the upcoming weeks. We will also be doing some fun giveaways here on the blog so feel free to subscribe in an effort to not miss any of the news.  I am dying to show you the cover!

All my best,




One thought on “A Collection of 25 Home Birth Stories From Around the World?!? Yes Please.

  1. Tracy Donegan says:

    I was so honored to get a sneak peek at your wonderful book! I can’t wait to see it on bookshelves everywhere. It’s full to the brim of positive birth stories. It’s a book that all birth professionals can confidently recommend to parents, no matter where they are planning to give birth.

    Tracy Donegan RM
    Author and Founder of GentleBirth


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